In 1939, Nicholas Winton personally and by his own initiative saved the lives of 669 children, most of them Jewish, from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia and brought them to Britain. For nearly 50 years he kept it secret. But now he is often called “Britain’s Schindler.“ Winton, 94 years old, is well today. He is an immensely compelling symbol of how a caring man can truly make a difference.

Thanks to the successful international release of the film on film festivals (the documentary as the first Czech film ever won the International EMMY Award for Best Foreign Documentary from the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences), the world at large has got acquainted with the unique story of Sir Winton. He was knighted by Queen Elisabeth II for saving hundreds of Czechoslovak children from Nazi brutality on March 11th, 2003.

The film was awarded the International EMMY Award by the International Academy of Television of Arts & Sciences.
Winton wrote all over to the governments of many countries to take the endangered children
Foster parents preferred to choose girls.

The film in the Czech Republic and in the world met with immense interest of educational institutions. It has been repeatedly screened for

  • Prague schools in the Lucerna cinema or at the Goethe Institute in Prague followed by a lecture given by Dr. Elisabeth Maxwell, the lady who “discovered” the story. The film was shown

  • to students in the U.S.A: Los Angeles – Hillel School

  • Wiesenthal Center, in Miami - a special screening of the film for 600 teachers, 

  • in Boston - Brandeis Universities

  • Moravian College

  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 

  • in Germany – Würzburg Filmwochenende, 

  • in Great Britain in Brighton, at Stowe School and at the Imperial War Museum in London. 

Dozens of pedagogues and teachers turned to the authors of the documentary film with the request to organize the screenings in the Czech Republic and elsewhere. They asked them to use the film for educational purposes of modern Czech and world history. The response resulted in the creation of an interactive educational project NICHOLAS WINTON – the POWER OF GOOD thanks to the support of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

All documents regarding the rescue mission were found only after sixty years.
According to these photographs the English foster parents chose Czech children.
The reunion of Nicholas Winton with his children after sixty years. 
The students won’t be only presented with the film in prime quality on DVD and video, but they will be also acquainted with 18 short new films (70min.) with the detailed material on the rescue operation, on the private life of Sir Winton, his opinions and on the lives of some of the rescued children. The project is also accompanied with specially designed websites. They serve not only as the information database on the rescue operation, but students and pedagogues can also communicate through websites directly with the authors of the documentary. Thanks to the websites an interesting will be solved. The students will search via internet for some of 470 Winton’s children from Winton’s list living around the world. Up to now they haven´t been identified. Today only about 200 out of 669 Winton’s children know who rescued them. Groups of students are being created for the search of “Winton´s children”.
Nicholas Winton with his grand - daughter Holly. 
Educational program will be used as a basis for discussions, workshops about tolerance, compassion, democracy, human dignity and the equal worth of all people.